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How can I mill with Texas Mobile Mill?

Texas Mobile Mill offers growers options!  Whether the grower brings the fruit to us or we bring the mill to the grower, olives should ideally be harvested within 24-hours prior to your scheduled milling date.

Community Mill Dates
To Be Determined Based On Regional Need Basis
Quantity: 200-2000 pounds of olives

Our Community Milling days are an opportunity for small regional growers to bring their fruit for processing (minimum requirement is 200 pounds of fresh fruit and, if under the requirement, paired with a mutually agreeable grower).  If paired with another grower, the amount of olive oil you receive is commensurate with the pounds you contribute.  No appointment is required to participate.  Community Mill days will be announced in advance of the Community Mill date. For questions, please call!

Custom Private Milling (Mid-to Large Volume)
By Appointment Only
Quantity:  >2000 – 50,000+ pounds of olives

On-site or off-site, private millings for mid to high-volume crops with an estimated crop yield of greater than 2000 pounds or more can only be scheduled by appointment and by submitting a milling contract.  Appointments will be scheduled to finalize a mutually agreeable date.

No matter what your milling needs, Texas Mobile Mill is here to work with you!

Excuse us while we work out a few technical issues

We have been experiencing issues with our email and website for the past week. We are working toward resolving the issue. IF YOU EMAILED US, WE DID NOT RECEIVE IT. Please call for all milling appointments at 832.445.4130.

We hope to have everything resolved soon!

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Serving All Olives

Community Milling

We will be working with regional growers to set-up community mill dates. In this manner, we can help all olive growers achieve oil for their harvest. Minimum requirement for community days is 200lbs and maximum is 1 ton. Anything over 1 ton will be scheduled after the community day while we are still in the area.

If a grower has less than 200lbs, we request that they cooperatively co-mill with another small load to meet the minimum requirement. Oil would be shared based on pounds by each grower.

We are excited for the upcoming harvest season! If you are interested in setting up a community day for your region, please contact us!

Sam Houston State University & Texas Department of Agriculture

Small Scale Livestock and Crop Producer Event

Sam Houston State University and the Texas Department of Agriculture is having an event on June 10th covering topics ranging from olive production to starting a Farmer’s Market.  Texas Mobile Mill will be at the event  showcasing the mill and discussing production of extra virgin olive oil.

Also, Lone Star Olive Ranch will be guiding a tour of the olive orchard at Gibbs Ranch.  Lone Star Olive Ranch had the distinct pleasure of consulting with Prof. Robert Lane on installation of the orchard from the ground up.  Over 40 students gained hands on experience during the process and several students continue to assist Prof. Lane with day-to-day management aspects of the orchard.  Prof. Lane said, “It fits in nicely with our sustainable agriculture initiatives, complementing our Sustainable Agriculture and Food Environment program.  The orchard also indicates our desire to provide educational outreach to landowners that may be searching for alternative agricultural enterprises.”   To learn more about the date, time and location of the event click here SHSU June Event Flyer Final

We are humbled and honored to be apart of this program and we hope you will join us!