Olive Processing Services & Fees


Texas Mobile Mill provides on-site

  • Trailer mounted, food grade olive oil processing equipment
  • 3-Phase trailer mounted power station
  • Inspection of fruit
  • Expert milling labor
  • Same day service and delivery of extra virgin olive oil
Customer must provide
  • Adequate site for the 45 foot Texas Mobile Mill trailer to pull in, set up, and turn around to exit.  The site should be as level as possible
  • Fruit picked and delivered to on-site mill
  • Current laboratory tested potable water source
Mill Product and Services
• Flushing of each olive oil container with inert gas (Nitrogen) $5.00 each
• Setup for varietal change $50.00 each
• Milling service per ton (2000 pounds) of fresh fruit
> 100 tons: $300 per ton
50 > 100 tons: $350 per ton
10 > 50 tons: $400 per ton
1 > 10 tons: $450 per ton
Less than one ton: $0.42 per pound
• Additional charge for certified organic set-up $300.00
• Move-in service charge for second move onto same property, different date $250.001
• 5 gallon food grade container $15.00 each
• 55 gallon food grade container $125.00 each
• Independent laboratory testing for free fatty acid and peroxide delivered within 2-3 business days $105.00
• Travel charges above 60 miles round trip $1.75 per mile per2 vehicle portal to portal
Tonnage Plus Loyal Customer Appreciation Program

We will record your annual business with us. If we process all of your olives for three consecutive years, then the fourth year’s processing rate will be reduced by 10% (cannot be used with other discounts).

Please call (832) 445-4130 for more information about products and services offered by Texas Mobile Mill.

There are no move-in fees on jobs over 10 tons. 2 From Madisonville, Texas

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