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Our Team

Texas Olive Milling Partners LLC

You know them best as Cathy Bernell and Christine McCabe, the owners/operators of Lone Star Olive Ranch in Madisonville, Texas. They have been olive farming and growing the olive industry in Southeast and Central Texas since 2008. They have in-depth knowledge and experience with orchard installations, olive cultivation management and practices, irrigation management and olive oil production.

The Miller

Since 2012, Christine McCabe has milled over 275 tons of olives in Texas and California.  She apprenticed with Gino Venitucci in Devers, Texas for several years training on Oliomio equipment, a leader in the small to medium olive oil production sector.  In 2015 Christine gained extensive practical training with Master Miller Yves Julien, the California operator of  Mill on Wheels.  She has in-depth knowledge and experience using Alfa Laval equipment, an industry leader in advanced olive oil processing technology.

Equally important to milling is understanding the many complex flavors and characteristics of different olive varietals.  Christine has completed multiple certificate programs with UC Davis Olive Center, including the Sensory Evaluation of Olive Oil I and Olive Oil Sensory II led by sensory expert Sue Langstaff with Applied Sensory, LLC and the UC Master Milling Course led by industry expert in olive oil processing, growing and standards, Leandro Ravetti. Christine is also continuing her sensory training with Applied Sensory Olive Oil Academy, where she is strengthening her sensory and analytic skills to acquire a deeper knowledge of the immense variety of olive cultivars and their flavor characteristics.

Charles McGuire

Charles is an attorney and certified public accountant practicing in Liberty, Texas.  He is also an avid olive enthusiast, olive grower / producer and partner of Texas Mobile Mill LLC.

Why Go Mobile?

Texas Mobile Mill is the first mobile olive processing unit in the State of Texas and the second largest mobile olive mill in the world. Texas Mobile Mill offers complete milling services on your property. The processing unit is capable of crushing and processing 2 tons of olives per hour. The oil is immediately available after milling. By bringing the mill to olive growers, we are able to solve the grower’s logistical concerns of locating a regional processing facility and transporting their crops in a timely manner. Olives pressed on-site means better quality oil because the fruit is milled immediately after picking and by an experienced and seasoned miller.